Moratorium stopping the process of Hydraulic Fracking for Natural Gas in Ontario — a resolution

A resolution from the Green Party of Ontario annual general meeting:

The explosion of hydraulic fracking (fracking) in the US and the start of the use of this process in Ontario is a huge threat to our drinking water and farm land that cannot be allowed without further study into its safety.

Fracking is the process by which millions of litres of water mixed with chemicals, many of which are toxic are forced underground into shale beds in order to shatter the shale beds and release the gas and most of the fracking mixture.

A typical frack job uses about 15,000,000 litres of water mixed with toxic chemicals.  Most wells are fracked several times. This usually takes about 200 truck loads to deliver the water.  Most of the fracking fluid comes back out and is usually disposed of by pouring into a large open pit until it evaporates.  Some of it remains in the ground in our watersheds.  Sometimes the fracking fluid will be taken to water treatment plants.  The problem with this is the fracking compounds are not revealed as they are a trade secret and the treatment plant may be ill equipped to handle what it does not know about.

There have been thousands of cases of drinking water contamination across North America from Fracking.  Families have been able to light their tap water on fire and although this may be a neat party trick the health implications are dire.  Cattle have taken ill and died and farmland has been contaminated.

  • Shattering the shale beds with Fracking fluids has unknown effects on our watersheds.
  • The sheer volume of water used is a giant burden on our watersheds
  • The sheer volume of waste fracking fluid has no place to go
  • The contamination of drinking water has been documented thousands of times around fracking sites

The second major pollutant from fracking is methane.  Methane leaks from fracking site into our atmosphere.  Methane has 25 times the effect on Atmospheric warming compared to CO2.  In Texas 90% of the rigs tested were leaking methane into our atmosphere.

People have taken to the street in protests in Quebec as Fracking near the St Lawrence has begun with 31 sites operating already.

We have a global responsibility as citizens of this planet not to increase global warming in our greed for energy.

Considering the amount of water used and waste created and the energy used to bring this water to the site; Fracking is to the Gas industry as the Tar sands are to the Oil industry.

  • New York State has imposed a moratorium on Fracking out of concern for its drinking water supply
  • Pennsylvania has seen bitter arguments as people are concerned about their water supply and health.
  • The Toronto Star reported in March that Calgary-based Mooncor Oil & Gas Corp. has been buying land rights in south western Ontario for shale gas drilling. Mooncor intends to drill in the Kettle Point Formation known as Antrim Shale in Lambton and Kent counties, and the Collingwood/Blue Mountain formations known as Utica Shale. “It has already locked up nearly 23,000 acres (9.30776 hectares) of land in Lambton and Kent counties.”

Be it resolved

That due to the enormous threat to our water, our food security, global warming and human health

A moratorium be imposed on the Process of Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural gas in the province of Ontario until it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that it has no detrimental effect on out watersheds, our farm lands, our air quality, or adds to global warming.  It must also be proven not to have detrimental effect on human health.

[Please note: Stop Fracking Ontario is a non-partisan project]

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