A London, Ontario campaign flyer

At a recent rally in London

This flyer (PDF) recently was prepared for the London, Ontario area. The half-page flyer was made for double-sided printing.

Please print and distribute copies. If you would like copies, we may be able to offer some if you contact us.

Here is the text on the flyer (which has some images on it as well) –

Don’t frack around London, Ontario!

“Fracking” is a form of gas extraction that could poison local water supplies, which could be made radioactive or flammable after fracking is done to break gas out of shale rock in the area. There are many threats:

Even with strict regulatory oversight, toxic fracking fluid is bound to be released around shale gas wells — either through above-ground spills, or as these chemicals are injected into wells, or after some of the fracking waste by-products have been removed from the wells to be taken elsewhere. We also can’t guarantee that methane and radium won’t be released into surrounding waters during fracking. It’s inevitable that methane, a greenhouse gas, would leak out of these wells; and the shale fracking always would require a vast amount of fresh water, which would have to be taken from somewhere. There also would be risks of explosions or earthquakes, and we can expect air pollution around drilling sites — along with increased truck traffic and industrialization, as well as deforestation.

Despite how destructive and wasteful this shale gas extraction would be, companies already are preparing to bring fracking to our region. Tens of thousands of acres of land have been purchased by a Calgary company that is looking to start fracking around Lambton and Chatham-Kent. Whether or not there is fracking closer to London, the city’s water supplies still are threatened by plans for this shale extraction along Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

What can we do?

Locals have started calling for a ban on fracking.

If you can join or support our efforts, e-mail us at stopfrackingontario at gmail dot com

An online petition (called “Don’t frack around London, Ontario”) has been created, and we have started a print petition as well.

Our concerns about fracking will have to be raised in many ways, and we will need a lot more help, to stop fracking around London, Ontario. The oil & gas companies have a lot of money to throw around, but we can mobilize our people power.

Please encourage municipal officials to ban fracking in London. Their contact information is available on the top-right corner of their web site: http://www.london.ca

Since a London ban would not protect either the city’s Great Lakes water supplies, or the farmlands around our region, we should demand a province-wide ban on shale gas fracking.

There are many not-so-hidden costs that come with fracking, and no level government should not have to pay to monitor and regulate those gas operations.

There are much better options. We can create green jobs as we set up clean and sustainable alternatives. Insulation can help us to keep our buildings warm, while compost can replace artificial fertilizers, and we can turn to alternative energies. And those are just examples.

For more information, visit: http://stopfrackingontario.org

The Council of Canadians also have a fact sheet about fracking on this campaign page.

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