A print petition: Don’t Frack Around London, Ontario

London, Ontario anti-fracking petition signatures now are being collected on paper. This print version of the petition is available here (in PDF format).

That print petition is a shortened version of the online petition for the London area.

The paper version asks members of the public to sign on to the following statement:

Don’t Frack Around London, Ontario

To protect our health and our environment, we are calling for a ban on shale gas fracking in the municipality of London, Ontario. Since this London ban would not protect either the city’s Great Lakes water supplies, or the farmlands around our region, we also are calling on the municipal government to support a province-wide ban on fracking.

Even with strict regulatory oversight, local water supplies would be poisoned by fracking fluid, and by the other substances that can be released from underground during this gas extraction. In addition, shale fracking would waste vast amounts of water — while releasing methane (a greenhouse gas). There would be risks of explosions and earthquakes, and fracking operations would come with increased air pollution, truck traffic, industrialization, and deforestation. Our muncipality should be prioritizing sustainable and clean conservation and alternative energy projects, and we should not accept the costs of monitoring fracking operations.

Anyone is more than welcome to collect signatures on their own.  If you fill a petition sheet, please contact us so that these signatures can be added to the collection.

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