Anti-fracking policy round-up

The anti-fracking movement has swayed some governments, outside of Canada.  These headlines and articles from 2012 show some of this movement headway — in terms of actual policy changes, and other official support –

May 8th
German government rejects fracking, saying they are “very skeptical” about the technology – Der Spiegel

May 4th
Vermont Legislature passes prohibition on “fracking” – Press release

May 4th
Romania gov’t promises moratorium on shale gas exploitation … – Associated Press

February 21st
New York judge upholds fracking ban in towns – Dan Wiessner, Reuters

January 17th
Bulgaria bans Chevron from using ‘fracking’ – Associated Press

France banned fracking in the summer of 2011. Temporary moratoriums also were put in place in Québec and New Jersey.  And there have been many local victories, in cities and towns. The above web links are about the bigger-scale successes in 2012.

In the meantime, environmental programs and policies are being gutted in Canada.  (Air pollution monitoring cutbacks are among such changes.)  Federal officials also are painting some environmental organizations as criminals or terrorists — as these organizations are accused of money laundering, for example.  And arrangements are underway to export Canadian gas to Japan. These exports are more likely given that the Pacific Trails gas pipeline through B.C. has received official approval.

In other words: we have a lot of movement-building to do here in Canada.

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