April 28th in St. Catherines – Fracked up! presentation


WHEN – Monday, April 28th, 7pm
WHERE – Brock University, Room #AS201 (Academic South), St. Catherines

Investigative journalist Amy MacPherson will share candid insight about the impacts of secret government, energy and media relationships. Her recent article resulted in controversy and consequence, for exposing potential conflicts of interest and officials who misled the public. This is not a general commentary. Names are named and dates are provided. She will also explain some shocking developments for journalists who tried to cover the energy file. Subtopics include:

►Fracking in Ontario is happening, despite what the government told you.

►Hottest fracking real estate is next door to the Bruce Power nuclear waste site.

►How extensive are the plans and where is the government selling them?

►Danger to drinking water from the Great Lakes system, all the way to Illinois.

►Who knew and who profited?

►What tactics are being used to muzzle the media and just how deep does it run?

►What happens to reporters who refuse to be silenced?

The session will close with questions from the audience and we anticipate a respectful, passionate discussion.

Hosted by the Council of Canadians (Niagara Chapter)

Suggested reading material – http://freethepresscanada.org/2014/02/13/special-report-fracking-nuclear-waste-say-what-cdnpoli-onpoli/

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