Deshkaan Ziibing, Anishinabek Territory— As this statement is being released, individuals from affected communities throughout south-western Ontario have interrupted work on a section of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline. Activists stopped the work around 7am this morning, asserting that Line 9 poses a danger to people, animals, land, and water.

Those involved in this blockade intend to stop construction on the site indefinitely.

This is a call out for:

Folks to come join us!

We are located on Oxford County Rd 5 (aka 17th Line) in Innerkip, ON (near Woodstock) between Township Rd 10 and Township Rd 9 (aka Braemar Side Road). Come join us, whether just for a few hours or for a few days. We’ll try to arrange rides from surrounding cities, so get in touch with us onsite at 647-636-3838 if you want to come.

Solidarity actions!

Act up with us! This issue needs attention in as many communities as possible. Drop a banner, march somewhere, host a rally…If you can’t come join us in person, raise your voices with us from afar.


To coordinate with those onsite, call Sarah 226 678 8903. We welcome any donations of food, water, camping supplies, money, or whatever you think would be useful.

This site is currently undergoing a valve installation 500m from the Antler River (so-called Thames), yet this construction will not add any protection against a leak of toxic diluted bitumen into this important water source. Line 9 is the same age and design as the Enbridge pipeline which caused the largest in-land oil spill in American history. Enbridge has identified more than 12,000 flaws in Line 9’s structure, and the line has already leaked at least 35 times in less than 40 years.

Visit either of these pages for updates –

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