Anti-fracking workshops at the People’s Social Forum in Ottawa

The People’s Social Forum will be held in Ottawa between August 21-24 at The University of Ottawa (75 Laurier Ave). There will be anti-fracking workshops on Thursday and Saturday.


Thursday, August 21, 10:45am, Room MRT 218
Fractivism: How to ban fracking in your community
From coast to coast, communities are organizing to protect their drinking water, climate and health from fracking. Fracking uses millions of litres of water and thousands of litres of unknown chemicals to extract natural gas and oil from shale rock and coal seams. Join this interactive workshop to share and learn about effective strategies to fight fracking.

Saturday, August 23, 2:45pm, Room FTX 133
Fracking in Ontario? Industry threats and community responses
A presentation and discussion about the threat of fracking in Ontario, and what we can do to stop it from happening. This workshop will provide information about fracking impacts, and the recent situation in Ontario. The workshop also will include a discussion about how we can continue to build an anti-fracking movement in Ontario.

Check out the full People’s Social Forum program for more workshops and events.

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