Fracking not worth the risks

A letter to the editor of the London Free Press

In light of all the recent information on fracking, it is apparent that we are hitting rock bottom (literally) in our quest for energy. Fracking is clearly unsafe and according to a recent EKOS poll done by the Council of Canadians, 70% of Canadians are opposed to it.

There is a lack of scientific research on wells that might leak and the hundreds of chemicals that are used in the process. Why would we put our water, the most precious resource of humankind, to that kind of risk?

Each gas well requires an average of 400 tanker trucks to carry water and supplies to and from the fracking site. There are up to 600 chemicals used in the process, some of them known carcinogens and toxins. The fracking sites leach methane gas and toxic chemicals out from the system and contaminate ground water. Water wells near fracking operations have methane concentrations 17 times higher than normal wells. The waste water from the fracking is left in open pits to evaporate, contaminating the air, soil and water. This affects eco-systems, watersheds, our lakes and rivers and our children.

It does not seem to be worth the risk. In a time when we should be dramatically cutting back any kind of emissions that could advance the warming of the planet, this makes absolutely no sense. Say no to fracking!

Julie Picken-Cooper


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