Eco justice

Fracking is an environmental justice issue.

So energy justice and climate justice activists can be important allies.  Some of those activists are part of Rising Tide North America.  The Council of Canadians also does some campaigning around those sorts of issues.

In Ontario there is an active environmental justice group called S.H.A.M.E.  There also have been efforts from Climate Justice London, Environmental Justice Toronto, and Climate Justice Ottawa.  Others have made similar contributions, and it’s not possible to list everyone.

We can’t stop fracking without confronting dirty, deadly, and unsustainable industries.

And the most vulnerable groups are bound to get the least benefits from shale gas — if we don’t stop that from happening.


2 Responses to Eco justice

  1. Alicia says:

    Im just curious as to what I can do individually to help stop fracking in Ontario?? I am attending college and studying to be an environmental tech . I want to do anything i can to prevent fracking in Ontario but not sure where to start … Is there petitions , meetings, what political parties are against fracking etc . Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!!

  2. Toban Black says:

    There are a lot of possibilities, but the crucial ingredient is collaboration. With more people involved, we can pool our efforts.

    The different options can be somewhat different depending on where you live. Here in London, Ontario, there could be fracking near the city, or our water supplies, and that threat is being taken into account in our responses so far –

    The Niagara situation is different, and it has had a higher profile –

    The Sarnia area has another, somewhat unique situation –

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