London, Ontario exploration and water supplies

[Note: this page was created because this web site originated in London, Ontario; but the situation in other places in Ontario warrants at least as much attention]

The water supply of London, Ontario is threatened by shale fracking that may occur elsewhere in the province as well.  Poisonous, flammable, and radioactive substances would flow into the Great Lakes; however, the municipal water supplies for London come from Lake Erie and Lake Huron.

London also is one of the areas in the province where Mooncor plans to explore for shale gas.  There could be fracking inside the city — or immediately beside London.  The green section of these maps shows where fracking might be done around London.

Those maps were made by overlaying this next one on the London area, using Google Earth.

That southwestern Ontario “Gas exploration” map is from a 2010 Toronto Star article about Mooncor’s plans for southwestern Ontario.

Eurogas / Dundee Energy Limited Partnership also has been preparing for fracking around Lake Erie.

The London area around the shale deposits highlighted in a 2010-2011 report from the Environmental Commissioner.


2 Responses to London, Ontario exploration and water supplies

  1. Their exploration rig – the Miss Libby is currently docked in Pt. Stanley. See the above website for the pic. I wasn’t sure what such a large boat was doing there & started researching today. Thanks for what you’re doing.

  2. Wilt Blaak says:

    The most precious source to sustain life on our earth, is water. Just finished reading “Heart of Dryness” by James G. Workman. in which the author, apart from the monstrocities committed against the Bushmen of Africa, has done a superb research on the current scarcity of water all over the earth. To endanger the purity of our underground water, eventually will mark a global irreversable genocide of humanity.

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