Fracking (or “hydraulic fracturing”) is a very toxic, wasteful, and dangerous form of natural gas extraction.

Stop Fracking Ontario is a web project to inform and promote opposition toward fracking in Ontario, and the surrounding region, and elsewhere.

This project is an all-volunteer, non-partisan effort that is not tied to any particular organization. There is no budget (at this time), and no staff. At best, these web pages will provide some material for others to work with.

We will need a broad coalition of citizens to apply the ongoing pressure that could stop the fracking industry.

We also should support a range of positive alternatives, so we actually can phase out ‘natural’ gas.

Stop the fracking!

Fracking is extremely wasteful, and completely unsustainable.  This shale gas extraction never will be safe.  We can’t know all of what we will release from so deep underground, and there will be numerous other impacts.

A ban will be necessary, but if a temporary moratorium is the best we can get, we still could gain breathing room to continue to build our opposition and educate the public.

Environmental justice activists have made some contributions.

On-the-ground activism against fracking in Ontario is just beginning, but the fracking industry has was active here before 2011, so we should be organizing to stop their operations before they can harm our health and environment.  The preparations for fracking here are well underway.  Why should we wait for more people to be poisoned before we take action in Ontario?

The Stop Fracking Ontario blog, Twitter account, and so on, only could be a small part of any campaigning against fracking.  This web pages will be used to support a range of non-violent strategies, but the public at large will have to do the organizing to build the opposition.

Beyond Ontario

While focusing on Ontario, as well as neighbouring provinces and states, we also should support and learn from the struggles in other parts of the world.  If we build international movements, local communities can draw strength from one another.

Fracking shouldn’t happen in anyone’s backyard, and the impacts cross continents.

Companies that already are operating in Ontario are looking to profit from gas that comes from the U.S. fracking that some are fighting in neighbouring states.

Greenhouse gases are one of the many consequences of shale fracking, and the resulting climate change impacts everyone on this planet (in one way or another).


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