Pipelines and processing

[please note: this page needs to be updated!]

Some of the gas from fracking in the U.S. may be imported into Canada.

Chemical Valley

There are arrangements for shale gas from surrounding U.S. states to be processed in Sarnia-Lambton’s Chemical Valley.

Nova Chemicals already has arranged to bring shale gas feedstocks to their facility there.  Nova has one agreement with a Texas company for supplies from near Cameron, West Virginia, and another agreement with a second Texas company that extracts from shale in Pennsylvania.

Project Mariner West is a pipeline project to bring ethane from fracking around Pennsylvania up to Sarnia-Lambton.

A May 19th, 2011 conference was arranged beside Sarnia for discussion about how Chemical Valley players can profit shale gas — by making arrangements with pipeline and fracking companies.



One article also has reported that “Canadian pipeline companies are considering requests from U.S. producers to reverse the flow of their export lines to bring natural gas from the prolific Marcellus shale into Ontario.”


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