May 10 – Toronto Day of Action: No Tar Sands, No Fracking, No Line 9!


Saturday, May 10th, 1pm
Rally and Parade!

Start at Toronto City Hall (Nathan Phillips Square)
March to Queen’s Park

On May 10th people from coast to coast to coast will be rallying to defend communities from pipelines, dirty energy projects like tar sands and fracking, and runaway climate change, while standing in solidarity with Indigenous communities on the front-line of struggles from BC to New Brunswick.

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April 28th in St. Catherines – Fracked up! presentation


WHEN – Monday, April 28th, 7pm
WHERE – Brock University, Room #AS201 (Academic South), St. Catherines

Investigative journalist Amy MacPherson will share candid insight about the impacts of secret government, energy and media relationships. Her recent article resulted in controversy and consequence, for exposing potential conflicts of interest and officials who misled the public. This is not a general commentary. Names are named and dates are provided. She will also explain some shocking developments for journalists who tried to cover the energy file. Subtopics include:

►Fracking in Ontario is happening, despite what the government told you.

►Hottest fracking real estate is next door to the Bruce Power nuclear waste site.

►How extensive are the plans and where is the government selling them?

►Danger to drinking water from the Great Lakes system, all the way to Illinois.

►Who knew and who profited?

►What tactics are being used to muzzle the media and just how deep does it run?

►What happens to reporters who refuse to be silenced?

The session will close with questions from the audience and we anticipate a respectful, passionate discussion.

Hosted by the Council of Canadians (Niagara Chapter)

Suggested reading material –

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Mi’kmaq Warriors – Southern Ontario Speaking Tour

Members of the Mi’kmaq Warriors Society who have been arrested and incarcerated will be on a speaking tour in January and February to raise awareness about their struggle against fracking, their ongoing assertion and exercise of nationhood, and the repression they face from police and courts.

PUBLIC EVENTS – February 18th-26th

* Sarnia (Aamjiwnaang Territory): Tuesday, February 18, 5:00pm- 9:00pm at the Sarnia Public Library (124 Christina St)

* Toronto (Mississauga, Six Nations Territory): Thursday, February 20, 6:30pm – 9:00pm, at Council Fire Native Cultural Centre (439 Dundas East)

* Hamilton (Six Nations Territory): Friday, February 21, 6pm, at Volunteer Hamilton (267 King East)

* Six Nations: Saturday, February 22

* Tyendinaga: Sunday, February 23

* Peterborough, Nogojiwanong: Monday, February 24 at 7 pm. First People’s House of Learning (1600 West Bank Drive). Details:

* Kitchener-Waterloo: Wednesday, February 26.

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Fracking Nuclear Waste, Say What? #cdnpoli #onpoli

A report from Amy MacPherson for Free the Press Canada

Ontario residents have been kept in the dark, but Canada’s most populous province is about to become an unlikely and international battleground. After all, how many times does the Great White North threaten the drinking water of more than 40 million people, including their neighbours in America?

Legislators from south of the border have already taken issue with plans for a deep geologic repository. Less than a mile from the shores of Lake Huron, Bruce Power intends to store 200,000 cubic meters of nuclear waste within the natural rock formation. Senators and congressmen shared their dissent with the Canadian government, but the fed responded by sending police to the homes of eco protesters, in what some would call an act of intimidation.

(photo credit: Ontario Power Generation)

It will take at least 300 years for the nuclear waste to decay, to a point that radioactive catastrophes are not a threat to human populations. This Kincardine, Ontario location was also chosen for its low seismic activity, reducing the likelihood of water and soil contamination by earthquake.

This much we’ve always known, due to the federal environment assessment that required public consultation. The Harper government has since levied time restrictions to speed the process along, but this is one project that was too big and too perilous to keep from the radar at all.

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Fractivist Toolkit: How you can take action to protect water and stop fracking

Communities continue to find creative ways to fight fracking projects which are threatening their drinking water, families and friends’ health and the air they breathe. One example is the Mi’kmaq Warriors Speaking tour where events in sixteen communities in Western Canada and Ontario have been organized or will take place over the coming weeks. Members of the Mi’kmaq Warrior Society who were arrested for protecting their land from fracking will share their stories about their struggle against fracking on their territory.

This week the Council of Canadians launched its new Fractivist Toolkit: How you can take action to protect water and stop fracking. The toolkit provides ideas for communities fighting fracking.

The first section of the toolkit provides a summary of fracking in Canada’s provinces and territories and includes information about the current state of fracking, laws related to fracking – such as permit requirements for water takings and drilling – and what community actions are already underway. The second section contains ideas and suggestions about what you can do to fight fracking, including case studies and how to pass a resolution against fracking. This section also includes public education tools such as social media tips and sample letters to the editor.

Fracking is one of the biggest threats to our watersheds of our time. As Maude Barlow writes in the Foreward, “We’ve seen the terrible damage fracking inflicts, just as we’ve seen the power and influence of the companies that promote it. These companies won’t regulate themselves, and governments are doing little to stop them. They won’t put the needs of people and the planet before profit. That’s up to us. By organizing, writing, marching, petitioning and refusing to give up, we can protect our water and stop fracking.” Here, here. And with this toolkit, I look forward to working with many to stop fracking across our communities!

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The First Nation People in Sarnia Are Pushing Back Against Fracking

Colin Graf for Vice Canada

Protesters in Sarnia are standing up to the powerful fracking lobby. Photo by Colin Graf.

On December 27th, First Nations protestors in Sarnia, Ontario, took to the streets once again to let Canadians know they don’t want to be the lab rats of the energy industry’s pollution experiments. While members of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation have put up with spills of potentially toxic chemicals in their air and water for decades, they’re now scared of new threats—namely controversial changes to existing pipelines, and fracking.

Walking to the beat of drums and native singers, about 50 marchers paraded through part of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation reserve carrying banners and signs, then followed a rural road that runs along the reserve’s boundary with an invisible, underground neighbour alongside—Enbridge’s Line 9. The company’s plan to reverse the flow of the pipeline to carry Alberta tar sands bitumen to a Montreal refinery is a fear the marchers carry along with them. “There’s a real risk this very old pipeline could rupture and spill this heavy bitumen into our area and next to our homes,” said Vanessa Gray, one of the women from Aamjwinaang who appears in the VICE Canada documentary on the Chemical Valley, and December’s “Toxic Tour” organizer.

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Canadian oil & gas company in Lake Erie, Spain and Tunisia

Brent Patterson on the Council of Canadians blog

A Canadian oil and gas company is involved in a controversial offshore gas storage facility in Spain, has oil and gas interests in the Mediterranean Sea, and reportedly holds shares in more than 900,000 gross acres of Lake Erie for natural gas extraction.

Gas map.

The company
An October 25, 2013 Dundee Energy Limited media release states, “Dundee Energy Limited is a Canadian-based oil and natural gas company with a mandate to create long-term value for its shareholders through the exploration, development, production and marketing of oil and natural gas, and through other high impact energy projects. Dundee Energy holds interests, both directly and indirectly, in the largest accumulation of producing oil and gas assets in Ontario, in the development of an offshore underground natural gas storage facility in Spain and, through a preferred share investment, in certain exploration and evaluation programs for oil and natural gas offshore Tunisia.”

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